julho 12, 2011

A reconstrução [09.07.2011 Torres Novas]

Sem mais lugar para onde nos pudéssemos escapar desta invasão, decidimos partir para alto mar para reconstruir o que era do passado mal esquecido – e aqui viemos entregar uma canção a cada torre, para nos não perdermos desta casa. Obrigado...
João Rui
 Photo: João Rodrigues
The reconstruction [09.07.2011 Torres Novas] Without another place to run to from this invasion, we decided to leave for high seas, to rebuild what was of that ill forgotten past – and to each tower of this castle we did come to leave a song so we wouldn’t lose ourselves from this house. Thank You… João Rui

julho 04, 2011

Crooked John [Live Video by Musiquim]

Video by Luis Belo / Musiquim [Viseu/Portugal]
Recorded at EMPÓRIO, 20.06.2011


MUSIQUIM: "João Torto is the protagonist on one of the most curious folk tales of Viseu. The story tells us that, this inventor designed and crafted wings of cloth, and leather to experiment human flight. On the 20th of June of 1540, this “modern” Icarus climbed up to the top of the cathedral's tower to make use of his invention. The flight began well for a little while, but due to some technical problems, he crashed soon after in the roof of a chapel. He died a couple of days later due to the injuries inflicted during the landing. To this day, I still like to believe that there's some truth to this folk tale that turned Viseu's João Torto into a worldwide figure. So, to celebrate the anniversary of his flight, we invited the band “a Jigsaw” (myspace.com/​ajigsaw) to write a song about Torto's adventure and present it live in Empório (A cultural space that from the begging of the year has been making cultural activities concerning art with João Torto as the background theme) precisely on the 20th of June. a Jigsaw's response was staggering and this video is the first live presentation of their new song "Crooked John"".